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How Can I Prevent STDs?

There are several millions of people that battle with STDs nowadays --- males, females, adults, teenagers, and even infants. These illnesses are easily spread, and if you are not cautious and careful, you may acquire them even before you realize it.

Preventative measures against STDs

In order to keep yourself safe against these STDs, there are a number of preventative measures that you have to observe. Here they are:

1. Get tested for STDs. This is a common advice given by health authorities since they believe that regular or routine STD testing can detect the infection accurately, and, hopefully, before they do some serious damage.

2. Always practice safe sex. People like having sex, but they should know that a lot of STDs are transmitted through various sexual acts --- orally, vaginally, or anally. SO, it is important to know the necessity of using condoms when engaging in these activities. Condoms are made of materials that can provide a barrier against these bacteria, viruses, and another microorganism.

3. Be loyal and faithful to one sex partner. While a lot of people find having casual sex so much fun, it just increases their risk of getting STDs. So, if you can, stick to one sex partner at a time and make sure that the both of you get STD tested.

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