STDs can affect your life in several ways. You could miss work due to symptoms of an STD. You may shy away from contact with others fearing that others such as your friends, coworkers, and family won’t understand. These issues could lead to depression.

Protecting yourself from STDs

There are some things you can do in order to protect yourself from STDS. First always practice safe sex if you cannot abstain. The second thing is to be as healthy as you can. An immune system that is healthy is the top defense against infections and viruses.

Examining STDs

There are many STDs that you can contract, all with symptoms that vary, some have similar symptoms some have different ones. Each one is treated with different medication some with a combination of medications.  The symptoms range from a discharge, pain, itching, and order, as well as sores or ulcers of the genitals.

If you feel you might have an STD

If you think you have an STD or have been told by your partner(s) that they have an STD you need to go to your doctor. Discuss with them any symptoms are having, if are having any, or that your partner(s) have told you they have an STD. Your doctor will test you for STDS. The test of STDs is painless and consists of a swab or urine test.

What happens if you are confirmed for an STD

If you have been told by your doctor that you are positive for an STD, they will prescribe you a course of treatment. You will need to finish all of the medication after which you should return for a follow-up test.

Swab Test For Std

While on medication for the STD it is important that you inform any and all sexual partners that you have an STD. This way they can get tested and treated also. You will also need to refrain from any form of sex until you have a clean test.

Once you have been told you are clean from your health care provider you may then return to having sex but be conscientious and practice safe sex. This will protect both you and any partner(s) you may have.

Treatments for STD

There are many different treatments for STD and there are even a several ways you may avoid getting an STD. Practicing safe is the number one way to avoid an STD. The other is abstinence. If you do contract an STD there are various medications that can be prescribed in order to rid you of it.

Things to remember

First, there is nothing to be ashamed of. STDs happen to many people who come from various backgrounds and social economic levels. Unlike in past times, this is no longer regulated to just streetwalkers or people who are extremely promiscuous. Many STDs do not have any visible symptoms for up to 10 days or longer, in which case people can infect their partner(s) without even knowing they are infecting someone.