Do you know how dangerous it is to be infected with a sexually-transmitted disease? There are several types of STDs that are widespread nowadays, and the thought of contracting even just one of them can be really terrifying and risky.

So, if you want to live an STD-free life, it will help a lot to educate yourself with the correct information on STDs, and that includes details on how they are spread or transmitted.

Different STDs can be transmitted from one person to another through different ways. Here are some examples:

Unprotected sex

Engaging in oral, anal, or vaginal sex with someone who has an STD without using condoms may result in you contracting an STD. So, remember to always use condoms every time you do a sex act. Do not re-use condoms nor use expired ones.

Blood contact

Direct exposure to STD-infected blood can endanger you. Using needles or syringes that have traces of infected blood can result in you being sick. Contact with an open wound, cut, or sore of an infected person can also lead to you having the same STD. So, always be careful.

Mother to child

Some STDs can be transmitted from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, child delivery, or breastfeeding. For that reason, pregnant women are encouraged to undergo STD testing a couple of times during their pregnancy period. Doing this can help keep the babies safe and STD-free.