Once you have the HIV virus in your body the people treating you will probably pass on lots of information leaflets for you to look at, these will explain everything that you will need to know about having the HIV virus and the types of treatments. Once your team of health professionals has decided on a treatment plan for you, you will hopefully see some improvement in your symptoms. Today I am going to explain to you in this article why it seems that some people who have the HIV virus seem to progress through the stages much faster than others.


It does seem that there are quite a few conflicting factors that can speed up the actual progress. This progress is not just about having one of the following indicators it is about having a few of these factors which combine with you as an individual and this is what decides how fast the virus progresses through your body.

Factors that can explain why some people are more adept

  • What kind of lifestyle you lead: for example, a healthy one which includes exercising and a healthy diet intake of food and fluids as opposed to an unhealthy one which would see you taking no exercise, and your food and fluid intake would consist of eating and drinking items which could be bad for you
  • Being a quite healthy person as opposed to being the person who seemed to catch every cold of a flu bug that is doing the rounds of the office or your working area.
  • Your actual genes can also be a big factor also.
Primary HIV

The above factors along with how long you waited or maybe did not realize you had the HIV virus before you began to seek treatment for it.

So what decides the time span between having HIV to it becoming full-blown AIDS?

There are quite a few different stages that HIV will go through until you are at the stage where you will develop into AIDS. Again this actual time lapse can and does vary from individual to individual, sometimes this time span can be mere months rather than the years which it may take for others. The main factors which could decide this are,

  • Being an older person may mean that you have a shorter time span than a younger person.
  • Having a poor food intake which makes you either overweight or underweight. Those who are more undernourished seem to move to the actual AIDS far faster than any other.
  • Having a high-stress level can put you at a much higher risk.
  • Your genetic background, for example, if your HIV positive birth mother has infected you during the pregnancy health professionals will know this and a treatment will be started straight away so they will be in less danger.
  • Some of the subtypes of HIV can be much more serious than others.

Listening to the advice of your doctor and treating team of health professionals, by taking their advice on-board and taking the medication that they give to you can make a huge difference to your life.