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HIV Transmission Through Breast Milk

HIV can spread through breast milk

Do you know that it is possible for babies to contract the Human Immunodeficiency Virus via breastfeeding?

Back in 2012, a baby in Belgium was found out to be positive with HIV after breastfeeding from his mother.

According to medical experts, breast milk transmission of HIV is a very rare method of transmission, but it can happen. They have studied this for almost three decades.

Mothers who are infected with HIV should not breastfeed their babies as they can pass on the infection to their babies. This warning has been emphasized over and over, but the rates of HIV transmission through breast milk never really dropped significantly, especially in the developing countries, where the rate of HIV transmission through breastfeeding is higher than in the industrialized regions.

Other modes of transmission

It is also important to remember the other HIV transmission methods so as to be able to prevent contracting this fatal infection. Aside from breastfeeding, HIV can also be spread through unprotected sex, sharing of used paraphernalia, and exposure to contaminated blood.

To protect one's self, one should remember to always use condoms when having sex and be careful when handling blood, especially if you work in the medical field.

Testing for HIV is encouraged so that the infection can be detected before it does a lot of harm and damage to the body.

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