The Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a virus that affects our immune system arising to a range of complications. Someone afflicted with the virus will encounter destruction of a number of body organs until he or she gets immune deficient. Someone can contract HIV in a lot of ways: transfusion of blood that is affected with HIV, sharing needles with an HIV-infected man or woman, sexual intercourse, and an HIV patient mother to her baby.

The reason why you should test early on

A man or woman who has HIV is in danger of acquiring AIDS in the long haul. AIDS, which is the acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, is connected with HIV with respect to the indications, signs, cancers, infections, and other complications prevalent to the two. At the time of an early infection, an individual could experience warning signs like flu. A lot of people may just neglect it and consider it as nothing extreme, so they simply end up forgetting about it and realize that they are afflicted with something dangerous when it is already too late for them. For that reason, medical experts recommend all, particularly the sexually-active ones, to undertake an HIV screening test.

Early diagnosis of the illness will prevent a person from plenty of destructive damages by HIV or AIDS. The ones that use needles when consuming drugs, people that have had unprotected sexual intercourse, those with an HIV-positive sexual companion, those who are infected with any existing sexually-transmitted disease or STD, and people that slept with sexually-active homosexual guys are urged to take the test. There are several strategies of HIV screening tests: swab tests, urine tests, or oral tests, and blood tests. The intent behind the test is not to identify the presence of HIV itself, but to find out if there are traces of HIV antibodies produced by the immune system to combat the virus.

The Value Of Rapid HIV Test Kits

Protect yourself from HIV and AIDS

To put a stop to one ’s self from getting HIV, AIDS, and other sexually-transmitted diseases, you need to learn to observe safe sex. Moreover, people who now participate in doing the deed with several partners have a greater possibility of getting infected. It is most vital that you get your and your partners tested so as to visit a doctor right away and go through treatment if tested positive.