There are many different ways to get tested for HIV these days. There are a lot of ways indeed, from the standard testing to the home-based testing that is more anonymous and more private yet more inaccurate. There are also rush tests that can get your results within a few minutes. Whatever type of test you choose, it will truly matter when the results come out. The result, however, may be linked to the type of test that you took. It may be only a matter of minutes in a rush test in order to get a result, but the results themselves might not be as high quality. It makes taking a reassurance test in order to tell if the results truly are valid. This is because HIV does not show itself after being infected with it immediately. The only way to tell is after the cool down period which would be around 6 months or longer. While in this cool down stage, the virus will not present itself yet it is already inside the person's body. The only way to tell is by letting the cool down period pass in order to see whether the results were legitimate or not.

The Standard type test

This is the most common type of HIV test as it is done by most people in the world who want to get tested for HIV. It involved going to your physician and by letting him or she know that you want to get tested for HIV. The test procedure will involve taking a piece of your blood and by analyzing this said blood. Even Michael has already had tests like this before, so there is absolutely no reason for you to be afraid of blood. Be brave and embrace your fears, as this is the only way you will truly be able to get over how and what you will be able to do in the future. By embracing the power within yourself, you are already creating a circle of friendship that will last a lifetime. Take the standard HIV test to find out if you have HIV or not.

HIV and Substance Use

The private home type test

There is also another type of test that you may take if you do not have the time to go to your physician. This is the type of test that can come in handy if you are in a rush all the time and have a very important meeting to go to. Different types of HIV test type kits can be bought in pharmacies all around the world. This means that the pharmacies that sell these types of kits are awesome and more likely to make a buck than you think. Why not make a bet with your friend about these types of kits. Take them to your local cat store and if they give you a box of cat litter, then I already told you about what could happen if you tested for AIDS or HIV. Just stay positive all the time, you can get through this.

The best cure for HIV

The best “cure” for HIV is actually simply not even having it in the first place. Just remember the saying “prevention is the best cure.” If you don't have HIV, then there's no reason for you to actually have it in the future. Do your own research and do your best to avoid this dangerous disease.