Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is among the most widespread sexually-transmitted diseases in this day and age. It has afflicted numerous millions of people –men and women, old and young. It does not select its sufferers. It can affect every one of whatever age, sex, citizenship, social status, and skin color.

Due to the fact, HIV is notorious for being capable to spread around quick, individuals are urged to undergo HIV tests as soon as they believe they have the virus. HIV can be contracted by means of sexual intercourse, sharing of contaminated and used needles, blood transfusion of contaminated blood, and from an HIV-positive mom to her unborn. Hence those who fall under any one of these categories must not hesitate about getting tested for HIV.

There are a couple of principal kinds of HIV tests. The first one is referred to as the antibody test. It is less expensive compared to the other type and is more popular. The other type is called the antigen test and it can identify the virus as soon as it has infected a person. In the UK, there are actually three HIV test choices available for the individuals there: NHS screening, home STD center HIV tests, and HIV tests.

NHS Test

This HIV screening test can be carried out by going to an NHS GUM medical center and take advantage of their no-cost screening. You are going to be requested a blood sample, and you will need to await the results for some days. A positive thing about NHS tests is the fact that the clinic provides counseling services to affected individuals who go there.

STD center HIV tests

In the UK, a private HIV tests will cost you around a hundred pounds. They are performed by planning an appointment at an STD center such that patients can walk in and get tested exclusively by a certified medical expert. The results from private HIV screening tests are extremely dependable since they make use of and take advantage of the assistance of the most up-to-date lab equipment.

Home HIV Tests

Home HIV tests are a type of HIV screening test that was initially released in the United Kingdom in 2006. It is carried out by getting a saliva sample of the affected person which will be delivered to the laboratory for evaluation and assessment. Before, going through a home HIV test did not provide any counseling after the outcome was presented. These days, the practice has changed and individuals who get their results can speak with an STD specialist about their problem – whether or not they come to be HIV positive.

Rapid HIV Testing Advantages

In addition, there are home HIV tests that require blood samples of the affected individuals. This is generally a more dependable method of screening for HIV because saliva has a tendency to not have the ability to offer sufficient traces of the virus to be able to give an efficient result.