How do HIV home tests work?

The FDA-authorized home test kit can be bought through the internet or by phone. At the beginning, a man or woman gets allotted a distinct code for classification functions. This aids to hold HIV testing as secret as possible.

HIV test kits typically include a lancet that is utilized to prick the finger then you must swipe the blood on a testing card. As soon as the blood test is done, you must package and deliver this to a specifically-designated medical laboratory for evaluation. Results should be back to you in approximately seven days. On top of obtaining the outcomes through phone, you could ask for paper documentation by means of fax, e-mail or snail mail with the results of the testing. The more highly regarded HIV kit manufacturers do offer counseling services, both before and after the HIV test.

Aside from that, a number of home kits can be bought in certain stores. These kits either involve pricking a finger or swabbing the mouth with a specially provided oral sponge. End results are assured within five to ten minutes of the first test. It does not have any laboratory or counseling services. Even so, since they are not FDA accredited, they are not legally advertised in America as an HIV test.

Are those trustworthy?

The FDA-approved test, referred to as Home Access, is recognized as definitely efficient and correct. Those tests, which are unauthorized by the FDA, have not been recognized to have a statistical ounce of trustworthiness, nor can they be tracked for the precision of final results. Independent laboratories could have tested for precision and legitimacy of these non-FDA approved tests, but the FDA has firm and grueling testing standards that individual laboratories would not stick to.

The Various Stages Of HIV

Furthermore, a few of the tests, when put to use in the wrong way, can provide false results. This is as a consequence of inadequate training on how to take the test accurately or correctly understand the results. Regardless, the false result may cause enormous grief to the man or woman being tested and possibly further distribute of HIV if the individual is convinced he is not infected when he indeed is.

How much is a home HIV test kit?

An HIV test kit such as the Home Access tests is commonly sold between $40 and $70 for one test. On the other hand, non-FDA authorized tests are normally retailed for $20 or less, but may not remain on the market for long. The FDA oversees sales in America of any test unwarranted by the FDA to make sure that no misrepresentation takes place. Sadly, a number of these non-FDA approved manufacturers guarantee precision and confirmation of results, much to the detriment of the many who buy these kits without engaging insufficient research.