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HIV Symptoms In Women

HIV Symptoms In Women

Despite what others believe that HIV affects gays than straight people, a new study shows that in every 3 new cases of HIV, two of which are female. The common cause of HIV infection among women is unprotected sex. The second cause is sharing needles with infected people.

Basic Symptoms of HIV in Women

Women infected with HIV often experience mild symptoms like flu-like symptoms. They often experience a headache, weakness, and fever. These symptoms go away even if left untreated. Severe symptoms of HIV infection often appears after 5 or 10 years since the infection occurred.

Common complications of HIV infection

When HIV infection occurs, it starts to attack the immune system of the body, making it weak. The body becomes unprotected from germs and other bacteria hence complication occur. Among the common complications of HIV infection are tuberculosis, hepatitis C, and pneumonia. The vital parts of the human body are also prone to attacks such as the lungs, heart, brain, lungs, kidney and even the digestive tract.

Common and existing symptoms of HIV in Women

Though there are basic symptoms of HIV infection, there are common symptoms as well and these common symptoms often last longer. One common symptom is night sweats. Night sweats often start with low-grade fever, a status that people often ignore because they are not sure if it is indeed fever. The worst effect of low-grade fever can be sleep deprivation due to the sweat it produces.

Another effect of HIV infection is the absence of menstrual cycle because of the formation of yeast and bacteria in the reproductive health organ. With such formation of bacteria and yeast, sexually transmitted infections occur often such as chlamydia and HPV or human papillomavirus.

Examples Of Medical Conditions You Are At Risk For If You Are HIV Positive

Having skin rashes and sores everywhere is another common symptom of HIV infection and it occurs for a long period. Women with HIV starts feeling irritated when exposed to sunlight. They also start to see red patches on their skin when irritated and produces flaky skin. Their private parts like the anus and genitals start having lesions and sores for some reason, it goes away after weeks then shows up again.

Late HIV symptoms in Women

As time passes, the symptoms of HIV progresses into something that occurs regularly. Among the advanced symptoms of this infection are:

–        Nausea

–        Vomiting

–        Unexplained weight loss

–        Unexplained joint pain

–        Unexplained muscle pain

–        Unexplained memory loss (short term)

–        Confusion

How to stay safe from HIV infection?

HIV infection doesn’t happen overnight unless you got a blood transfusion and the blood you receive is HIV positive. This kind of accident no longer happens though because blood banks are now extra careful when receiving and giving blood. HIV infection can be prevented by making sure that you don’t engage in risky sexual behaviors. Make sure to avoid sharing needles as well even if you knew the person so well. Last but not the least, always ask your stranger partner to use a condom before getting into action.