There are different stages that a person undergoes once he or she is infected with HIV. These stages are made up of various signs and symptoms that bring pain and discomfort to the victim. Because of this, HIV has become one of the most notorious sexually-transmitted diseases today.

The first stage of HIV

The first stage of HIV is characterized by no symptoms at all! This should not be surprising as this period is often referred to as the incubation period for the virus. This begins that instant HIV gets into the body and may last for some number of weeks. Anyone who is in the first stage of HIV should refrain from having sexual intercourse as this act can put other people at risk of getting infected with the virus as well.

The second stage

The second stage of HIV is when the initial symptoms of HIV start to manifest. If you notice rashes appearing on certain parts of your body, or you suddenly suffer from fever or a sore throat, it may be time to go see a doctor and find out if you have HIV.

Other typical second stage symptoms of HIV are lymph node inflammation, sore muscles, mouth sores, and back pains.

Third stage

The third stage of HIV is also sometimes called the latency period, and it is when the body's immune system finally generates antibodies to combat the virus. At this point, HIV has to be tested and diagnosed correctly so that the appropriate antiretroviral treatment solution can be administered to the patient. This stage may persist for several weeks.

People Battling With HIV Urge Others To Receive Treatment

Fourth stage

Lastly, the fourth stage of HIV enters when the patient fails to receive treatment. This is when AIDS begins. People who failed to get HIV tested are in peril of reaching this stage. AIDS patients are also given antiretroviral treatment to slow down the damage the disease is inflicting.

Now that you know how destructive HIV can be to our bodies, it should be a priority to maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle to keep ourselves safe from HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases.