It has been about 30 years since the emergence of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, and the number of cases of infected people has continued to increase over the years.

The statistics on infections

According to a report recently released in Chicago in the United States, the number of bisexual men and gay men afflicted with the virus has risen. They saw a 76% jump from the year 2000 to the year 2011 on the HIV reports on men in their teens and 20s who have engaged in sexual activities with other men. Meanwhile, those that are older than 30 remained constant or experienced a slight decrease.

Challenges in stemming new infections

This event has made the work against HIV more challenging for health professionals since it seems that all the hard work and effort invested over the decades have not born any fruit.

It has really been challenging for them to educate everybody and spread accurate information on HIV since doing all these requires considerable money, time, and dedication.

But, even though these findings have been upsetting, they are not going to give up just yet. The studies and research on HIV continue and hope to find better solutions in the near future.

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How Do People Test For HIV?