The HIV cured child

An HIV-positive infant in California in the United States is now cured after doctors administered antiretroviral drug treatment about four hours after the baby's birth.

Today, the baby is nine months old and is now reportedly negative for HIV. No trace or sign of HIV is present in his or her blood and tissues. This is the second time that an HIV-positive baby has been treated. The first one was a child in Mississippi who also received early HIV treatment in 2013.

Early diagnosis pays off

According to a pediatrics specialist at Johns Hopkins University, these cases should show other health professionals the importance of early action to deal with HIV. These should serve as a learning experience, and he hopes more babies would be saved in the future.

Early diagnosis really plays a significant role in the treatment of HIV, especially among babies. If an HIV test is conducted promptly, the virus can be detected immediately, and that will enable health workers to provide the appropriate treatment to cure the infection.

HIV is a virus-caused sexually-transmitted disease that can be transmitted from an HIV-positive mother to her baby. It attacks the immune system and weakens it and can lead to different serious complications if not diagnosed and treated right away.

HIV testing is available in many different medical facilities around the world. It can also be done on your own with the use of a rapid HIV screen test kit, a device designed to detect HIV using blood/serum/plasma sample in just 15 minutes.

HIV Testing Information

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