The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is probably the most dreaded STD today. Even though the number of people infected with HIV has declined over the years, it remains to be a dangerous and harmful in many ways.

The statistics

Based on the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control, about 40,000 Americans contract HIV every year for the past few years, almost half of the number reported in 1992, when HIV was at its peak.

And, among those 40,000 new HIV cases every year, 44% are among men who engage in sex with other men, and 34% are among heterosexual men. 17% are because of injecting drugs.

Who is more likely to get infected?

Also, black men rank number one on the high-risk list for HIV/AIDS. Studies have found out that they are two times more prone to getting infected with HIV than a white man. In the data gathered between 2001 and 2004, most than half of them were among black men.

It is important to become aware of the most common symptoms of HIV so as to be able to tell if it is time to get an HIV test. Flu-like signs such as headaches, fever, etc, as well as rashes, exhaustion, and fungal infections should also be taken notice of.

To avoid all of these, men should be aware of how to use protection when engaging in anal, oral, or vaginal sex. They should realize how important this prevention method is so that they can steer clear of this infection.

A Look At Some Alternative HIV Treatments

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