Not too long ago, news reports about a four-year-old girl born with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and was said to have been cured after receiving early treatment for the virus came out. Unfortunately these past few days, doctors have found out the infection is back.

Did the treatment work?

The young one from Mississippi is said to have been under antiretroviral treatment early on for 18 months and showed no signs of the infection while receiving treatment. Doctors said she appeared to be HIV-free up until March of this year, about two years since her last treatment. But, recent tests have detected HIV traces in her blood.

According to her doctors, the HIV started replicating and they found out about it last week after conducting some tests. They are disappointed with this discovery and are concerned for the child.

This occurrence has become a setback for the health authorities as they were really hopeful and believed that the child had really been cured.

The child is currently under close monitoring to observe and manage the virus appropriately.

HIV needs to be detected and treated at the earliest opportunity to avoid the harmful effects of this infection.

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