The most reliable method of testing for HIV is the HIV antibody test. Those that are believed to be infected with HIV are urged to go through this type of test so that their HIV status can be correctly determined.

How do Immunoassay tests work?

When a person gets infected with the HIV, the immune system releases antibodies to the bloodstream that will fight the virus. So, once an individual undergoes Immunoassay tests, the antibodies will be detected if there is enough number of them in the blood sample.

In cases of babies with HIV positive mothers, their blood may contain these HIV antibodies, when, in fact, they are not really infected with HIV. The reason for this is that infants retain their mothers’ antibodies for around a year and a half. The babies are urged to get HIV tested once again after that period to confirm and establish that they are indeed not infected with HIV.

When should you get tested for HIV?

Medical experts advise that people should take an HIV test around three months after initial exposure to the virus. This window period allows the immune system to release enough HIV antibodies that can be detected through the test. If a person gets tested sooner, there is a possibility that the test will not detect the antibodies just yet. So, for more efficient and exact results, obey what the doctors suggestion.

Where can you get an Immunoassay test?

The best place to get an Immunoassay test is at a hospital or an STD testing facility. These places are equipped with the right equipment to do the task, so you are guaranteed reliable results. You have to Google the nearest facility in your area so that you can get tested right away.

The Cure for AIDS is just around the Corner

Immunoassay tests are usually more expensive compared to other methods of HIV testing. For this reason, some people prefer to use other HIV testing techniques such as HIV rapid testing. The latter is more affordable and can provide the results in a shorter period of time. However, even though HIV rapid tests provide so many benefits, medical experts still recommend that patients go through an Immunoassay test, especially if they have been tested positive using an HIV rapid test kit.

HIV is a very widespread disease that all of us must be careful of. It can infect anyone and everyone. You must be responsible every time you engage in any kind of sexual activity so as to protect yourself from this very terrible infection.