HIV home test kits offer people numerous benefits. They are the number one choice of people who want to get tested for HIV but do not want to face all the embarrassment and humiliation of going out in the public to get an HIV test in an STD clinic or hospital.

Because of the confidentiality and secrecy HIV home test kits provide for people, the demand for them has increased over the years. More and more people are going for these home HIV testing kits whenever they want to undergo HIV screening and testing.

How do HIV home test kits work?

HIV home test kits are designed to provide an easier and more convenient way of getting tested for HIV. They come in a handy package that includes instructions on how to proceed with the HIV test. They also include the necessary tools and materials in order for a person to perform the testing procedure.

HIV home test kits usually require fluid samples from a person. There are home HIV testing kits that require a blood sample, while others need either a swab sample or a urine sample. Once a person has collected the needed sample, he or she can then send it over to a laboratory for examination. The results will be available in a few days.

Moreover, there are HIV home test kits that can provide results even without having the need to be in touch with a laboratory. These products are like a pregnancy test kit, which enables a person to get the results in less than an hour.

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How accurate are HIV home test kits?

There are several HIV home test kits available over the counter or online today, and not all of them are approved by the United State Food and Drug Administration. Make sure that when you buy one, you look for the one that is FDA approved. Having FDA’s seal of approval means that a particular product has been tested by the FDA and it has been found out to perform efficiently and provide accurate results.

FDA-approved HIV home test kits have a very low chance of giving false positive results, and that is the reason why they are recommended for faster testing of HIV. They are also cheaper than undergoing an HIV test in an STD facility.

While HIV home testing is an approved method of testing for HIV, it is still strongly advised that people consult a doctor and undergo other methods of HIV testing just to verify whether they indeed have HIV or not. That way, the proper action can be done as soon as possible.