The Human Immunodeficiency Virus was stumbled upon in the 1970s. Ever since increasing numbers of people have fallen victims to this really common sexually-transmitted infection.

In the last several years, over ten million people have perished struggling with HIV. Furthermore, around three hundred million are documented to have been infected with HIV from the time of its discovery. Due to these worrying information, it has grown to be an essential thing to get tested for HIV and follow appropriate procedures when it comes to intercourse in order to prevent being infected with and/or spreading the infection.

How is HIV transmitted?

The primary means of transmission of HIV is by means of the exchange of contaminated body fluids. It means that having intercourse with an HIV-infected man or woman can infect you with HIV. Thus, be mindful when acquiring bodily fluids like semen, blood, vaginal secretions, or breast milk from HIV-positive individuals as these can certainly surely get you infected with HIV in the blink of an eye.

Making use of contaminated or infected syringes or other supplies will also give you HIV so do not use used syringes or needles or share them with other individuals.

Obtaining blood from others needs to be carried out cautiously in order to prevent getting HIV-infected blood. Only get blood from blood banks that are qualified and reputable and have rigid policies when it comes to their blood donors.

Expecting mothers can also pass the infection on to their kid during child delivery and/or breastfeeding so alert moms about this in order not to put their children in danger of HIV.

What do you do if you have HIV?

To begin with, you must visit a doctor and get an HIV test in order that you will know if you really have HIV. It is always fine to get tested for HIV once or twice in order to be certain. It is possible to pay a visit to a health facility or medical clinic that carries out HIV tests.

HIV medical diagnosis is terribly important to make sure you and your medical doctor can deal with your needs. It will also work as a reminder for you to not sleep around any longer or make a move that might put others surrounding you in danger.

How is HIV handled?

Antiretroviral prescription drugs are utilized for the treatment of HIV. Scientific studies and research are now being performed to discover more and much better prescriptions to battle the infection.

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