The problem of AIDS

AIDS has struck just about everyone and every race. Regardless of race, color or religion, just about everyone is a potential target for AIDS. It is a disease that knows no boundaries and can strike anyone. But it can especially strike minorities hard. Two minorities who are adversely affected by AIDS are the Alaskan natives and the Native American Indians.

Native Americans and Alaskan Natives

There are many different reasons why these minorities are adversely affected by the HIV/AIDS virus. Because of their backgrounds and cultures, they are at risk and it is harder to promote education and prevention among them. These reasons are not unique to them and can also affect other minorities. These factors are not unique to these two minorities. These factors are things that must be addressed if HIV awareness and treatment and prevention are to be truly promoted and put to the fore.

The Challenges they Face

Native Americans and Alaskan Natives face many challenges. These challenges adversely affect the promotion of true HIV awareness and education. One of these challenges is poverty. Poverty is a very significant issue with these minorities. It is a challenge that they must face every day. With poverty comes a lack of many opportunities to be educated. This lack of education can promote the spread of HIV among them. Another factor is differing cultures. Their different cultures are a stark contrast to modern society and many of their values. Because of this, it may be a little more difficult to promote awareness. It is also noteworthy that Native Americans may also mistrust the government to a certain extent. This mistrust may hamper the aid and education to be brought to them. It is not easy to overcome a whole long history of mistrust that has been woven into the history of the country itself. This is a true challenge that must be overcome.

The Different Methods Of HIV Transmission

It is not impossible

It is not all negative. Although the challenges are there and will take the effort to overcome it is not impossible. It is very doable and can be done. With the right effort, motivation and foresight, such challenges can be overcome and the promotion of real awareness and education about HIV put at the fore. Once this is done, lives can be saved and true progress can begin. It is all for the better if this is implemented immediately. This is essential and must be done soon to save lives. HIV is not something that will just go away, It is a true concern that all people face and not just minorities. This is the truth and the sooner that it is addressed the better. There is always a way to promote what must be done. It is all just a matter of effort and the right things and methods to be implemented. Education must be promoted. True trust must be gained and earned through time. Once this is done then all people can move forward and start to help.