HIV And AIDS Prevention

More treatments and tests to identify and prevent HIV or human immunodeficiency virus are available now than before. One of those options is the so-called pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis, which are new biomedical tools in the fight against the HIV virus. Also, you should take care of yourself and your health, including practicing safe sex, using condoms consistently, not sharing needles with others and reduce the number of your sexual partners. That is the best way to avoid getting infected with this malicious infection and suffer severe consequences of the development of the HIV virus in your body.

Preventing Infection Through Sexual Contact

As we already mentioned, apart from behaving responsibly and taking care of your body and your health in general, you should also choose sexual behaviors that are not that risky, like limiting the number of your sexual partners, practicing safe sex, and also use medicines to prevent HIV virus from becoming fully active in your body, and the most important thing, you should get tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases in general. You will be safer with these actions and you will feel healthier as well. Do not forget to consult with your doctor about traditional testing options, and about the already mentioned new biomedical options, if there is a high risk of you getting infected with this sexually transmitted infection.

Using Condoms And Lubricants

Condoms are one of the most popular ways of protection during sexual contact. If used appropriately and consistently, they can be a great way to protect yourself and others from getting infected with HIV virus, and they are very effective that way. It is also a great way to protect yourself and your partner from other sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia. There are male and female types of condoms. Male condoms are the latex ones, which are the best way to protect oneself against HIV. If in doubt, definitely choose the latex ones over condoms with a natural membrane as they are not that effective. Using lubricants together with condoms can help to prevent condoms from breaking, which is good when we’re talking about safe sex. Female condoms, on the other hand, look like thin pouches, and they are also made of latex product known as nitrile. They are worn inside the vagina, and they are also a great way to protect yourself from getting infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

People Battling With HIV Urge Others To Receive Treatment

Medicines And Vaccines

There are some medicines that can be used in different stages of the infection, or even before the virus starts spreading properly. Those are pre-exposure prophylaxis, that can help lower the risk of getting infected with HIV, and post-exposure prophylaxis, which can prevent HIV after you get exposed to it, but only if you start the treatment within three days. Sadly, there is still no appropriate vaccine that could prevent HIV infection from spreading through your body and attacking your immune system, which then starts to deteriorate rapidly, among other consequences.