Why is AIDs so deadly?

One of the most prevalent diseases in many countries these days is AIDS. It is an illness that is caused by the virus called Human Immunodeficiency Virus. When it strikes a person, it essentially triggers damage to the immune system, which leads to the inability to fend off other harmful viruses, parasites, bacteria, or yeasts. Because of this, the victim could suffer more severe complications that could lead to death.

Once HIV gets into a person's body, his or her CD4 or T-cell count becomes lower. And when that count drops under 200/mm, that is when AIDS occurs.

AIDS is number five in the top fatal medical diseases among ages 25 to 44 list in the United States alone. It has been reported that approximately 50 million men and women around the world are carrying the virus. Health experts agree that this number could rise if no proper action is done to stop the virus from spreading.

Ways of transmitting HIV

There are several ways to transmit HIV or AIDS. A woman who is expecting can transmit the virus on to her child while pregnant through the blood and nutrients exchanged between the two of them. Also, people who are not careful with their sexual activities, those that do not use protection, have higher chances of contracting the virus. Transmission of bodily fluids such as blood, breast milk, vaginal fluid, and semen from an HIV-positive person can also put you are a risk of getting the disease.

People should get tested early

People who are worried that they might have contracted AIDS should get tested right away. They should watch out for the common AIDS signs and symptoms that include chills, weight loss, weakness, swollen glands, excessive sweating, fever, and flu.

How Can You Diagnose HIV?

Testing for HIV and AIDS should be done right away.