The first time AIDS came into prominence, it literally started a firestorm. Little was known about the disease and it quickly racked up a very high mortality rate. It came and a lot of infected died from the new killer disease. The disease rose to prominence during the 80’s, a decade when sexual liberation and promiscuity was reaching its peak. This general sense of liberation in society resulted in a lot of tragic and unnecessary deaths to AIDS. Even now in the modern age of information a lot of myths and plain lies about AIDS still persist. These myths only spread fear and misinformation which only cultivate more of a sense of dread and panic about the disease. This is just plain counterproductive and must be put to a stop.

The reasons myths about AIDS persist.

The main reason these falsifications exist is that people are paralyzed with fear about the disease. This sense of fear and dread just spreads myths when education and a clear sense of knowledge is the true better reaction to AIDS or any disease or unknown factor.

Myths about the transmission of AIDS

Here are some common myths and misconceptions about how AIDS is spread. All these myths are just that. Myths that are 100% false. They are not the reality.

  • AIDS is spread by sharing a drinking glass.
  • AIDS can be contracted in a public bathroom.
  • AIDS can be spread by kissing or hugging or by somehow getting into contact with urine.
  • AIDS can be spread by the bite of a mosquito

Myths about AIDS treatments and a cure.

The myths about AIDS treatment often go to both extremes of the spectrum. One myth says that to contract AIDS is no big deal in today’s high tech and the modern world. This myth says that AIDS has reached the level of the common cold or flu and is very treatable. The other extreme says that getting AIDS literally guarantees death and no hope at all. There is no cure at all and this death sentence spells the end of everything.

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The truth

The truth is somewhere in between. While AIDS is not as insignificant as the flu or a cold, it is also not a guaranteed mark of death. Modern treatments like ART can drastically reduce the efficiency of the HIV virus to overwhelm your immune system and kill you. It can dramatically slow the progression of the disease and keep you alive for a very long time, as long as 30+ years. However for these modern benefits to kick in and be effective, medication and treatment must be very efficient. It’s essential not to miss doses and often medication must be done every day. Also, the costs of treatment can be fairly expensive. This expensive cost can limit medication and the people it can reach. So economics is also a big factor in treatment. These are the facts about the disease and it is a great importance to have them clear and sound.