There have been several reports that have revealed that the rate of syphilis among bisexual and gay men has continuously increased over the past few years.

One particular study had 140 people positive for syphilis as test subjects, and it revealed that more than 80%  of them were males who engaged in sexual relations with other men. 16% of these men were diagnosed with Chlamydia and 19% with HIV.

The findings from the research

The results and findings taken from this research have confirmed observations that there is a link that exists between syphilis and HIV. Whether a person engages in anal, vaginal, or oral sex, it is very likely to spread and transmit these infections to his or her sexual partners.


Preventing infection

This new information and discoveries should convince more people to use protection when having sex. The use of condoms can lower the risk of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases, so it is a big help to use this method of contraception when having sex.

People should watch out for common syphilis symptoms such as skin ulcers (chancres) that are small, round, and not painful. These sores are the first warning indicator that a person is in the early stage of syphilis. It is important to go get tested for syphilis right away.

Those that test positive for syphilis should immediately consult a doctor to be prescribed the best treatment solution for this infection. There are different antibiotic medications available, and a doctor can provide you the best one.