Common Hepatitis Symptoms

  • – diarrhea
  • – loss of appetite (which may lead to anorexia)
  • – malaise
  • – headache
  • – fever
  • – abdominal pain
  • – joint and muscle pains
  • – vomiting
  • – nausea
  • – darker urine
  • – clay-colored stool
  • – yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes
  • – weight loss
  • – fatigue
  • – edema
  • – weakness
  • – bleeding
  • – bruising
  • – swelling of the liver
  • – fluid accumulation in the abdomen

Importance Of Hepatitis Testing

Once the symptoms pop up, testing for Hepatitis has to be done immediately to prevent the infection from progressing to other more serious conditions such as permanent liver damage and cirrhosis.

To diagnose Hepatitis, anti-HAV/anti-HCV/other hepatitis-related antibodies in the body’s bloodstream are sought. An increase in the amount of alkaline phosphatase, prothrombin, globulins in the patient’s blood also signifies Hepatitis.

Effective Hepatitis Treatment

There are different treatment methods available for Hepatitis since there are five types of this disease: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E.

Some Hepatitis types require the intake of prescription medicines like antiviral meds, while some need intramuscular injections and vaccines.