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Hepatitis C Symptoms, Testing, and Treatment

Hepatitis C is a disease that is brought about by a virus. It can trigger different signs and symptoms that become noticeable at various stages of the illness.

Anyone who contracts the Hepatitis C virus gets on the acute stage of the disease right away. This could last up to twenty-four weeks. At this point, no major visible symptoms can be noticed.

Damage to the liver

And then, once the twenty-four-week mark passes, the patient goes on to the chronic stage. This is the period when the liver becomes more in danger. Distinct symptoms would manifest and pop up and can become worse as the days go by.

Among the common signs that show up as yellowing of the skin, decreased appetite, anorexia, bruising, exhaustion, irritation, and malaise. Also, the liver is at risk of contracting cirrhosis and suffering from the worst of it.

For these reasons, testing for Hepatitis C becomes a must. It is important that the patient is diagnosed with Hepatitis C right away so that he or she can be administered with the right kind of medical treatment.

Visit a doctor immediately to get tested for Hepatitis C. Or, you can get a Hepatitis C rapid screen test kit to conduct the test by yourself at home. You can get these kits at drug stores or online.

How Do I Know If I Have Hepatitis C?