The human body is made up of many different organs that have their own unique, specific functions. For instance, the brain is like the control center, the heart pumps blood all throughout, and the liver helps get rid of toxins. Now, what will happen if, for example, the liver suddenly gets infected with some disease and fails to perform its job?

Ways to contract Hepatitis

One of the most common diseases that infect that liver is Hepatitis C. This medical condition is caused by the Hepatitis C virus and it can be contracted in various ways.

One, it can be passed on from one person to another by having sex. Someone who is infected with Hepatitis C can transmit the disease to another individual by having oral, vaginal, or sex with him or her.

Two, Hepatitis C can be contracted by using contaminated needles, syringes, and other paraphernalia. Refrain from sharing used needles with other people so as not to put yourself at risk of Hepatitis C. This is also the reason why drug addicts are a high-risk Hepatitis C group since they would usually share syringes to inject drugs into their systems.

Repercussions of not getting tested

A person who unfortunately contracts Hepatitis C is at risk of suffering several signs and symptoms. If he or she fails to undergo a Hepatitis C test and receives the appropriate treatment solution, he or she can suffer from serious complications in the liver.

Hepatitis C can cause the yellowing of the skin and eyes or jaundice. It can also weaken the liver and leave it unable to function properly. As a result, a person will feel pain and discomfort and be unable to eliminate toxins from his or her body.

Fast Facts You Should Know About The Hepatitis C Virus

Testing for Hepatitis C can be easy and convenient with the use of a rapid Hepatitis C test kit.