Hepatitis C is a common disease that affects the liver. Hepatitis comes from the Greek words "hepar" (liver) and "itis" (inflammation). It has different types, including Hepatitis C, which is caused by the Hepatitis C virus.

To know how badly Hepatitis C can be, it is important to know what the liver does for our body. This organ is the largest among all glands, weighing about 1.36 kilos. It is found below our diaphragm, just on the right of the thoracic portion of the abdomen.

Functions of the Liver

The following are the functions of the liver:

- detoxifies and filters alcohol and other harmful components from our bloodstream

- manages the glucose levels in our blood

- decomposes red blood cells

- produces urea, which is the main component of urine

- produces certain amino acids for protein synthesis

- releases biochemicals such as bile for proper digestion

- converts glucose to glycogen and stores glycogen

- synthesizes plasma protein

- and many others

So, if Hepatitis C gets into you, your liver will become compromised. If it is not detected right away, it can affect the proper functioning of this organ and will result in various complications.

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