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Hepatitis B Transmission

Hepatitis B is one of the most common Hepatitis diseases today. It can strike males, females, adults, and children. It is easily passed on from one person to another through different ways.

How is Hepatitis B transmitted?

When the semen, blood, or other bodily fluids of a Hepatitis B positive individual enters the body of another person, that person also gets infected with the disease. Here are the most common modes of transmission of Hepatitis B:

- Having sex with a Hepatitis B infected person
- Sharing contaminated syringes, needles, and other injection paraphernalia
- From a Hepatitis B infected mother to her infant during childbirth
- Direct contact with the infected blood or sores of a Hepatitis B positive male or female
- Exposure to contaminated blood via needles and other sharp tools and equipment

So, it is important for everyone to always practice the proper precaution to steer clear of this infection. Do not be careless when using things such as needles and syringes. Always use protection when having sex. Get tested before entering a new sexual relationship. Get tested for Hepatitis B at the earliest opportunity to prevent the spread of the infection to other parts of the body and to others.

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