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Hepatitis B Testing And Treatment

Hepatitis B is a disease that causes the liver to swell. It is caused by the Hepatitis B virus and can be transmitted in different ways, including sex, mother to child, and sharing of needles and other sharp instruments.

This disease is known to bring about a number of serious symptoms and complications if not tested and treated right away. So, to not put yourself in danger of experiencing those, you have to get tested for Hepatitis B as soon as you can.

There are many types of blood tests that can be performed on a patient to diagnose Hepatitis B. Some of the most common methods are:

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

This test looks for a protein that is contained on the surface of the virus. It can be administered to both acute and chronic Hepatitis B patients.

Total Hepatitis B Core Antibody

This test looks for the antibody that the human body produces to fight off the Hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody

This test also looks for the antibody that is released by the body as a reaction to the Hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis B Viral DNA

This test looks for the DNA of the Hepatitis B virus in a patient's blood.

There are many other ways to test for Hepatitis B. Consult a doctor to know which method is best for your condition.

You can also use a rapid Hepatitis B test kit to get accurate test results in just 15 minutes. You can buy a certified and authorized rapid Hepatitis B test kit for STD Rapid Test Kits.

The Meaning of Different Hepatitis B tests