Through the years, research has shown that one in every 4 US residents that have been suffering from HIV are not aware of that they are HIV positive. This signifies that they are performing their typical routines with no knowledge that they are placing themselves and their sex mates at great danger of acquiring more problems.

Undiagnosed HIV can move on to AIDS, therefore it is imperative that individuals get HIV tested to be able to know what sort of treatment they should go through. There are several HIV tests you can get today, for instance, the ELISA test, which requires around 2 weeks or so before providing the results. Yet you can also find others that can deliver the results within a half hour, and these are known as rapid HIV tests.

A lot of people are not sure about making use of rapid HIV tests to test for HIV. They believe that their power to deliver the results within a short period of time signifies that they are less precise as the other HIV testing methods that require some time.

How is a rapid HIV test carried out?

Rapid HIV tests are performed in a couple of ways. One is by getting a small sample from the mouth of the affected person, and the other is by getting a blood sample. The first technique is usually recommended for sufferers who are scared of needles. One way or another, both of these rapid HIV test methods can provide sufficient samples to be analyzed and evaluated.

How precise are the results of HIV rapid tests?

People are able to receive the results of an HIV rapid test after approximately half an hour. Since it is pretty fast, many people question precisely how correct these results are. When performing rapid HIV tests, the laboratory guy searches for antibodies contained in the swab or blood sample of the affected individual. This process is also executed when performing ELISA tests as well as other types of HIV tests.

Medical experts maintain that the accuracy and reliability of HIV rapid tests is 99%. As shown by figures, less than 3 HIV rapid testing results out of every 1,000 are usually false positives. HIV rapid tests’ precision is rather high thus there is absolutely no reason to not rely on it and utilize it for a trouble-free method of testing for HIV. If an individual has been tested positive for HIV with the use of HIV rapid tests, they are then advised to get the ELISA and Western Blot tests to have another confirmation.

The Importance Of Getting Tested For HIV

To find out more about HIV, everyone is urged to pay a visit to their physician or an STD center or hospital. HIV spreads extremely fast hence we should all have knowledge of the best way to prevent it and avoid it from getting to more people.