There are countless sexually-transmitted diseases today, and among the most common of them is Gonorrhea. It is a bacterial infection that thrives in the nether regions of the human body such as the rectum and the penis. It can also grow in the urethra, cervix, and throat.

Gonorrhea Symptoms

In males, the symptoms of gonorrhea include sore throat, pain while urinating, more frequent urinating, green or yellow discharge coming from the penis, redness or inflammation at the opening of the penis, and bloated testicles.

In females, the signs include pain during sexual intercourse, pain in the lower abdominal area, fever, strange vaginal discharge, pain while urinating, more frequent urinating, and rashes.

The bacteria can attack the eyes, the mouth, anus, penis, and vagina. It can live inside the female reproductive system, such as in the uterus, cervix, and the fallopian tubes.

Gonorrhea Testing

If you experience some of the symptoms mentioned above, it is advised to seek the help of a medical professional immediately. You have to undergo a gonorrhea test to determine if you really have the disease and how far you are into it. If tested positive, you need to undergo a series of treatments that usually involve various antibiotics to fight the bacteria. Your blood will also be examined to know more about your condition.

Also, some people who are too embarrassed to go to a doctor at first prefer to purchase STD testing kits and perform the test in their homes. You may also try the gonorrhea test kit to check if you are infected with it.

The Hazards Of Gonorrhea During Pregnancy

Testing is not complicated. Medical centers will just obtain a sample from the part of your body that is infected. For example, if the patient is experiencing symptoms that affect his or her urinating habits, urine can show whether the patient’s urethra or cervix is infected.

In some cases, people who start experiencing some of the symptoms will wait and see if those will go away after a few hours or days. This is not appropriate because the disease might morph into something much more serious and cause severe complications. Gonorrhea is one of those silent killers that doctors always warn us about. For everybody’s best interest, go visit your doctor for help.

How to avoid gonorrhea

“Practice safe sex.” We always hear and read that statement everywhere. It makes sense. If you want to maintain a healthy body, make sure that everything you choose to do does not put you at risk of acquiring these types of diseases. Having multiple sexual partners means greater chances of contracting STDs. Use proper protection every time you have intercourse. Take time for you and your partner to have these tests to know early on if you have anything that can compromise your health. People need to be educated concerning this matter so that they can make intelligent decisions and informed choices.