The Wyoming Department of Health has already documented 56 new cases of gonorrhea this year, and we are only about two-thirds into 2014.

This report has prompted state health officials to issue an advisory, a warning, to everyone to be more vigilant about this sexually-transmitted disease, since the state has averaged no more than 60 gonorrhea cases every year for the longest time.

Of the 56 cases so far, 19 have come from Campbell County. Della Amend, the county public health director, has urged everyone to undergo gonorrhea testing.

How Gonorrhea spreads

Gonorrhea is a bacteria-caused sexually-transmitted disease that is spread through unprotected sexual intercourse. It can infect males, females, adults, and even teens.

To effectively avoid contracting gonorrhea, there are different ways that you can do. One is to abstain from sex, two is to limit the number of your sexual partners, and three is to use protection every single time you have sex.

Getting tested

Also, it is imperative to get a gonorrhea test, especially if you are sexually active. You should convince your sex partner/s to also get tested so that you all can know if you have been infected.

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