Some counties located in the south of Oregon have recorded a significant increase in gonorrhea cases over the past couple of years.

The infection rates in 2012-2013

The Oregon Health Authority released data that showed an 18% increase in the total number of gonorrhea reports in the state from 2012 to 2013.

But, the most alarming of all that can be gathered from that report is that the number of gonorrhea cases in the Douglas, Jackson, and Josephine counties experienced 1,050%, 387%, and 270% increases, respectively, during the same time frame.

In Douglas County, the number of gonorrhea reports jumped from two to 23. In Jackson County, the number went from 31 to 151. In Josephine County, the cases increased from 10 to 37.

Explaining the infection rates

The areas city officials have expressed their surprise as they have not determined yet how this surge of gonorrhea infections came about in this short time period in those counties.

Caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium, gonorrhea is a sexually-transmitted disease that infected males and females. It can be spread through unprotected sexual intercourse.

Those who think they have contracted gonorrhea are advised to undergo a gonorrhea test right away so that the disease can be detected and treated at the earliest opportunity.

Gonorrhea can be very dangerous if not treated and can lead to severe complications that can affect the important bodily organs.