There are different HIV testing methods. Nowadays, there are several options available for people to make it easier and more convenient for them.

Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

First on the list is ELISA or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. It is a method used to detect the HIV antibodies through a person's bodily fluid samples, such as urine and blood. It utilizes some modern and advanced laboratory equipment to generate accurate diagnosis and findings. You can get your test result after at least two weeks. One downside to it is that it is quite expensive.

Antibody Tests

Another HIV testing method to look at is the antibody tests, which are the most widely used among them all. They should be done after about three to four months since initial exposure to the virus to ensure that the incubation period of the disease has passed.

Rapid test kits

Next up and last but not the least there are the rapid HIV test kits. These devices are recommended to those that want an easy and affordable way of testing for HIV. If you purchase an authorized and certified rapid HIV test kit, you are assured of getting highly accurate test results in as fast as 15 minutes. These tools are made to allow ordinary people, without any medical background, to be able to conduct the testing on their own.

HIV is a very terrible and dangerous sexually-transmitted disease that has to be diagnosed at the earliest chance so as to be able to cure it and stop it from spreading inside the body. It can cause all sorts of complications and can even lead to death if it is not detected and treated right away. So, remember to use condoms every time you have sex and undergo HIV testing on a regular basis.

Spotting The Early Signs Of HIV