Sexually transmitted diseases are very common nowadays, and one of them that have afflicted thousands of people is syphilis. Syphilis is an STD that is brought about by the bacterium called Treponema Pallidum. It infects people in such a way that the symptoms are visible in the mouth and genital areas.

How syphilis is transmitted

Syphilis can be easily transmitted from one person to another. You can contract syphilis once you have sex with a person who has been tested positive for syphilis. If this is the case, you need to get tested for syphilis as soon as you can. Syphilis is a dreadful kind of disease that can diminish your body’s ability to function right. It is an infection that should be stopped from spreading because of all the awful symptoms and effects it has.

Why people should get tested early on

Once a person gets infected with syphilis, there are no visible symptoms at first. This is the primary reason why people do not test for syphilis early on. Why would you get a syphilis test if there are no signs that you may have the disease? This mentality should be changed as syphilis can silently destroy a person’s health without giving out any visible signs.

The first stage of syphilis usually occurs at least a couple of weeks after it has been contracted by a person. The first sign of syphilis is a sore or lesion known as a chancre. It can grow in the mouth if you had oral sex with a syphilis-infected person, on the anus if you had anal sex, or in the genitals, if you had vaginal sex. It can also appear on other parts of the body that had been in contact with the syphilis bacteria. A chancre may disappear after several weeks, but it does not mean that your syphilis has been cured. You still need to get a syphilis test and undergo treatment.

Facing A Life With Syphilis

The reason why it is important to get tested for syphilis is that you have to confirm whether what you have is syphilis or some other disease. That way, you will be treated with the appropriate medication and such.

The second stage of syphilis produces more symptoms and creates more damage to the body. A person who is in the second stage of syphilis will suffer from a sore throat, fever, headache, joint and muscle pains, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, and more sores and lesions around the body. At this point, treatment should already begin because if left untreated, syphilis will progress to the tertiary stage and cause more complications.