Q: Are sexually-transmitted infections the same as sexually-transmitted diseases?

A: Some may argue that these two differ in some ways, but both essentially refer to the same things.

Q: Which STI is the most dangerous?

A: It is hard to quantify the level of being dangerous of different STIs, but in terms of how difficult they can be treated, HIV might be the first STI that might come to mind.

HIV can progress onto AIDS if not treated right away. And, as of the moment, there is no cure available to completely get rid of these two diseases.

Q: Who can get STIs?

A: STIs can be contracted by people who engage in unprotected anal, oral, or vaginal sex. They can infect males, females, adults, and even young people, including babies.

Q: How are STIs detected?

A: STIs can be detected by undergoing a test. Since there are different STIs in existence, there are also different testing methods used to diagnose each of them.