There are in fact a combination of two different viruses that are named as Herpes, there is one that will cause problems above the waist and the other problems in areas below the waist. However, in the last few years, there has been quite a significant rise of cases of the oral herpes virus or cold sores in the region of the genital area. This is mainly due to the above waist virus beginning to attack the genital area and the genital area virus transferring itself to attack areas below the waist. There is also the timely problem of the virus beginning to mutate itself and the problem of the drugs which are used to combat it becoming ineffective. In the US alone data is showing that one in every four persons actually suffers from the herpes virus even if they show no symptoms of it.

Herpes Virus

Transmission of Herpes

Again the herpes virus is passed from person to person by kissing someone, normal skin contact and sexual relations. If you have this virus in your mouth you can develop small cold sores which can resemble a raised blister on your skin or lips and they will be sore and painful. If they develop on your genitals or anus they can cause you to feel very itchy with a burning feeling as well. Once you have the virus in your body the first few times that you have an outbreak will feel like you have the symptoms of having flu, perhaps with some fever and feeling generally unwell.

How to Distinguish Cold Sores from Syphilis Sores

The symptoms of Herpes

The appearance of the sores either on your mouth or genitals is used as a diagnosis of the virus, the fluid contained in the blister sack can also be used as a test, an examination of your cervix or inside the tip of the penis can also show its presence, and whilst a blood test will show up that you have some antibodies, it is difficult to rely on blood as an indicator if there are no actual blisters present.

No cure for Herpes

Sadly, at present there is no cure for the herpes virus, all you can do through an outbreak is use the topical products which have been prescribed to help with the pain and soreness of the actual blisters. It is thought that in a whole year you can have up to four outbreaks of these sores which are mostly triggered by bouts of stress, a woman’s monthly period or very energetic sex sessions.

If you are having an outbreak it is important that you do not spread the infection further, if applying any topical creams, you should take care to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards using a towel that is solely for your use only, try to refrain from having any sexual relations if you have sores on your genitalia or kissing. You can also catch the virus if someone who is a carrier kisses you say on your cheek and you have an open cut or scratch around your mouth area as the virus will creep into an open wound.

Do You Know Your Herpes (HSV) Status?