There are numerous sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections that can cause major problems to your health and immune system. One of those diseases id syphilis. A person can get infected with syphilis through sexual contact, by practicing sex without protection, or by having multiple partners. Syphilis is one of those sexually transmitted diseases that a person can get if they have been in contact with an already infected person as well. It can be spread through skin contact, through small sores on your skin and on your genitals, or as we already mentioned, through sexual contact with another person. If it is not treated properly and on time, syphilis can cause great health problems connected to your heart and various organs.

Syphilis And Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and you have infected with syphilis already, you can transmit this disease to your unborn child. The transmission is usually performed through the blood system. If a baby is born and it is infected with syphilis, there are a lot of chances of death, because the newborn baby is still not developed enough to defend itself from this kind of severe infection. Syphilis can also be the main cause of premature birth, which is very dangerous for your baby, as he/she can have health problems right from the start, like losing their hearing or causing damage to the baby’s brain.

Symptoms Of Syphilis

Some of the first symptoms of syphilis infection are similar to those of the flu or a common cold, such as a headache, feeling tired and exhausted. Also, you will notice small wounds on your skin and all over your body, including the genitals. This sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection can be treated with antibiotics treatment, especially if the disease is still in its early stage. Penicillin is the most common drug to be used in the treatment of this sexually transmitted disease. It basically attacks the virus or the bacteria that is infecting your body, and it prevents it from spreading all over your system. In cases where syphilis infection is present in the body for a longer period of time, some more aggressive types of treatment might be more effective in getting rid of this sexually transmitted disease. If you suspect that you are infected with syphilis for whatever reason, you should consult your doctor, as he/she will be able to tell you in what stage the infection is and whether it is progressing rapidly or not. Otherwise, try to practice safe sex by using condoms, and try to limit the number of your sexual partners to one, rather than more, because having multiple partners increases the risk of getting infected with this sexually transmitted disease. You do not have to stop having sex, but if you are infected, it would be advisable to restrain from having sex during treatment of this sexually transmitted disease, in order to decrease the risks of spreading, and infecting someone you love, like your partner.

Testing Of Syphilis