Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Sexually transmitted diseases are some of the most common diseases today. They are transmitted through sexual contact with people who do not practice safe sex, or who have multiple sexual partners, or people who abuse drugs and share syringes with others. There is no age limit or social class limit as to who can get infected with a sexually transmitted disease. The population who is at high risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases is usually the young population. Sexually transmitted diseases are a very serious issue today, especially among the teen population, and are hazardous to their health system. Your teen should be properly informed about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, or sexually transmitted infections before they start being sexually active. Sexually transmitted diseases can cause real damage to your health as they can cause infertility in boys and girls alike, and they can lead to some more dangerous problems, including the deterioration of the immune system, and death if a person gets infected with HIV/AIDS.

Spreading The Infection

Sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections can usually be transmitted through sexual contact, but that is not the only way to spread the disease. In some sexually transmitted diseases, the only thing necessary to get infected is skin contact among people, especially if a person has some open wounds, like small sores, and through use of syringes in the drug abusing population. Also, it is a common misconception that you cannot get infected with a sexually transmitted disease, or a sexually transmitted infection if you are practicing anal or oral sex. There is a great risk of practicing any kind of sex without protection, because the virus can be spread through bodily fluids, like sperm, for example. Most people do not even know that they are infected with some sexually transmitted disease, or sexually transmitted infection, throughout their lives, as the symptoms at an early stage of the viral infection can be very similar to the symptoms of a common cold or the flu. These people pose a great threat when it comes to spreading sexually transmitted diseases, simply because they are not informed properly, and they can infect their partner without even knowing it. Being a sexually active teen can cause major problems to your teen’s health system. Apart from not being informed properly at an early age, teens usually do not care for practicing safe sex with multiple partners, as they are not familiar with the dangers of this whole act. Sex can be a beautiful thing if you practice it safely and responsibly, and that also means that you should stick to at least one partner at a time, rather than having sex with more than one person. Do not be fooled with the statements that sex without protection is better than the one with protection, as these can ruin your life indefinitely, and your health and immune system can be in a lot of danger. Be responsible when it comes to sex.

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