Is There A Cure?

People often ask for a cure when they find out that they are infected with infected with hepatitis B. Fortunately, most adults who are infected with this disease rarely even use medicine to treat the condition. Unfortunately, though, young children who get infected will likely carry the disease into adulthood. They also have a high chance of developing the chronic version of hepatitis B.

The Difference Between Acute Hepatitis B And Chronic Hepatitis B

Many people are often confused with the differences between acute hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis B. When you contract hepatitis B, it is the first acute. This means that during the period of 6 months, hepatitis will be considered as acute. After this 6-month period, if you still haven't recovered from the disease, it will be considered chronic and the disease may last a lifetime to a person.

How Should I Treat My Condition If I Am Confirmed To Have Chronic Hepatitis?

Don't panic if you have the chronic version of hepatitis B. Talk to your physician or herpetologist as soon as possible. You will most likely go through ultrasound tests and evaluation in order to check the health status of your liver as you are now. You will also most likely be monitored often in order to check how your condition is improving. The good news is that even if you have hepatitis B, you can still live a healthy life and feel good as if you don't even have the condition. Just be sure to be aware that you have a chance of passing the condition to another person, even if you actually feel healthy. Make sure your close friends and your spouse are all clear and have been vaccinated in order to fight off hepatitis B.

Being Familiar With Hepatitis

Some Tips In Order To Live A Healthy Lifestyle Despite Having Chronic Hepatitis B

Do your best to avoid vices such as tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking. These vices normally damage your liver and will do much more damage to a liver that is already suffering from hepatitis B. Always make sure that you consult your physician before taking any form of medicine in order to ensure that the medicine is safe for your consumption. Do your best to eat a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. This will definitely strengthen your body and your immune system. Also, make sure to avoid the raw shellfish foods as this type of food sometimes has viruses that can damage your liver. And although there is actually no cure to combat chronic hepatitis B, the treatments available today help slow the virus and, as a consequence, helps numb down the effects of the condition. This means that the virus may do much less damage to your liver. In some rare cases, the medicines even destroy the virus completely. This, however, is not too common. Fortunately, doctors and scientists are working on a cure as we speak and a cure will eventually be made sooner than later. Sometimes, many people who have chronic hepatitis B may not even need medicines. Make sure to talk to your physician about the subject. You may not even need medication for your condition. Make sure you ask all the questions, as you have to weigh the good and the bad of taking medication for your condition. Seeing your physician regularly will help you understand your condition more and will help you make better decisions regarding your condition.

Hepatitis B and its Testing