How STDs are spreading nowadays

There are so many sexually-transmitted diseases that are widespread nowadays, and one of them is syphilis. Syphilis is caused by bacteria and can spread through sexual contact --- whether anal, oral, or vaginal. It is highly contagious and dangerous, so if you want to protect yourself against it, you have to know what factors affect the chances of you getting this infection.

High-risk factors

Here are a number of factors that can increase your risk of syphilis:

- Having unprotected sex. Since syphilis is usually transmitted from one person to another through sex, engaging in sexual acts with other people without using condoms can endanger you of contracting syphilis. The rate is actually higher among males who have unprotected sex with other males.

- Having sex with someone who has syphilis. This is common sense, actually. So, get yourself and your partner tested first before you have sex with them, just to be safe.

- Having multiple sex partners. It can be quite difficult to know the sex health status of other people. It is also a bit challenging to find out if they have syphilis or some other STD even before having sex. So, if you sleep with different people, you are putting yourself in greater danger of having syphilis.

- Having HIV or having had STDs before. These infections can weaken your immune system and just make you more vulnerable to syphilis and other STDs.

It is very important to get a syphilis test right away before your situation becomes worse.

Common Syphilis Questions