In order to discover whether you are infected with HIV virus, you should get tested, because that is virtually the only way to know for sure. CDC, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, states that doctors and clinicians test their patients at least once as a part of the routine examination, especially the ones that fall into the age group of 13 to 64, which is basically everyone. Why? Because one in seven people in the USA get infected with HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, don’t even know that they are infected. Some common questions arise when talking about potential infection, and some of those include delicate questions about your sex life and intimacy, as well as health, for example, your doctor will ask you if you had sex with someone who did not get tested in a long time, but had more than one partner, if you used drugs in a way that you inject them in your body, because there is a high risk of HIV infection if you shared a needle with someone, if you had sex for money or had sex with someone who can give a positive answer to all the questions we mentioned above.

All this is very important all the more if you practiced unsafe sex, and that predominantly goes for gay and bisexual men, who should get tested more often because of their lifestyle.

Why is Testing Important?

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is important because it can give you information about your health status and help you and people around you be safe. Also if you know that you are not infected, this fact can give you your own peace of mind and relieves the stress that comes with it, and if you and your partner know each other’s HIV statuses, then you can both make important decisions about your health and your sex life. It doesn’t matter if you think that you do not have HIV, it is wise to get tested because some of the symptoms that go with the infection are often confused with the ones of less dangerous diseases, like the flu, for example, and the longer you wait to get treated, the less chance you have of prolonging your life.

Ways To Get HIV

If you are Pregnant, You Should Get Tested

You needn’t ask why. There are too many risks involved for you and your new-born baby to ask first and get tested later. If your test result is positive, you should get treatment, which will largely enhance your chances for a healthier life, and as soon as you start treatment, as early as possible, that is, chances for your baby to get infected are much lower.

What Kinds of Tests are Available?

The most common tests for HIV are the so-called antibody screening tests. They test for antibodies that evolve in the fight against HIV virus. Three are also antigen and antibody combination tests that are effective. Your health insurance should cover the costs of testing, and in some cases, of treatment, but if not, treatment costs can be covered by numerous medical companies that offer these kinds of programs.