How HIV is spread

HIV is primarily transferred from an individual to another due to sexual contact. Those which carry out unprotected intercourse with an HIV positive individual, even just a couple times, are quite vulnerable to acquiring HIV. The fluids concerned during sexual intercourse are the exemplary channels of transmission for this disease.
A different way to transmit HIV is by making use of blood. In the event that you get a blood transfusion and the blood employed is HIV positive, the virus will instantly find its way to your bodily systems. The utilization of needles and other devices already made use of by a patient will also contribute to the transmission of the virus to you.

Also, even the unborn and infants can get the disease through their mothers. A pregnant girl who is troubled with HIV can pass the virus to the kid in her womb through the placenta at some point in the exchange of food items and nutritional requirements. A mother infected with the virus will also transmit the viral strain the moment she breastfeeds her baby.

Testing for HIV

The moment you believe that you have acquired HIV, you must start asking yourself where to get tested. The infection includes a number of symptoms that you have to be familiar with if you would like to ascertain whether the time is now to go to a doctor. Health experts can help test HIV in victims, and they are there to instruct and guide.

There are a number of HIV clinics in virtually all parts of the globe nowadays so that people can have fast access to them. An HIV test works by using the HIV antibody diagnosis technique to uncover evidence of HIV antibodies in the bloodstream. The simple truth is, when the immune system recognizes a foreign organism that threatens to set off difficulties inside the body, it behaves by discharging antibodies to beat these particular aliens.

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An ample volume of HIV antibodies is what the test necessitates for it to detect if the victim is HIV positive or not. It may take weeks to about a month for the final results to become obtainable. Whatever the result may be, you ought to steer clear of having sex and obey self-discipline until he or she is completely cleared of the viral infection.

The ailments that come up from being afflicted with HIV are several, so we need to discover ways to practice safe sex consistently. Acquiring an HIV exam on a regular basis will also help in understanding where our health stands. Never forget its harmful effects and help spread the word about how to steer clear of it and bring to a close its distribution.