Each and every one of these signs could be attributed to you, in general, having a sniffle, a cold or the flu. You could be tired of overwork and not get enough sleep. But if you have had any unprotected sex recently and you are experiencing any of these symptoms please connect them and go for a sexual health check-up just because you may have the HIV virus and not yet realize it. As part of an annual full body check-up, it is important that we do re-educate ourselves and have the sexual health part checked as well, being proactive and doing this just may save lives and lay the way we look at sexual health issues for generations to come.

HIV Signs

So here are some signs that you may have noticed happening to you:

This one may be hard to spot but some may experience having a slight fever. A raised fever or spike in your temperature is a sign that your body is trying to fight off an infection. However, this could last longer than say a cold or the normal flu symptoms.

The feeling of becoming tired and lethargic without actually having done anything to make it this way. Due to the virus attacks the immune system this will begin to make you feel in a weakened state as it tries to do its job of fighting off any germs you have been exposed to.

Having the usual signs of flu such as very painful and aching muscles and joints, but it will continue long after we know about of flu should last for.

HIV Symptoms and Signs – Advanced Stage AIDS

Again this is a very normal symptom to have, an aching of your throat coupled with a headache. This can and does happen randomly if you are feeling thirsty or hungry for long amounts of time. But knowing that you had unprotected sex should trigger you to go for a sexual health check-up.

Rashes along with blemishes and spots can appear on our skin at any time, but if you notice this happening a lot and it is not down to laundry detergent or toiletry brand changes and you have had unprotected sex now is the time to make your appointment to go and get tested.

From the first moment, the HIV virus actually enters your body you could be struck with episodes of feeling somewhat nauseous for short moments, actually having to vomit and having diarrhea.

Having an annoying cough could just be down to an allergy you have picked up, but don’t leave it to chance this to is a sign.

Loss of weight and having the dry cough could result in your body developing pneumonia, you can be treated for this but it is all a sign if you have been having any unprotected sex.

  • In the beginning sweating at night can occur in those with HIV.
  • You may experience your nails turning a black color.
  • Having an infection caused by yeast in parts of your mouth.
  • Becoming unusually disorientated, confused and not being able to concentrate.