The uneasy feeling experienced by men due to the presence of STD is what no one wishes for. Like in women, STD in men can manifest in various ways. Some symptoms may be physically seen – like warts, yet others are hidden but equally damaging too. Some of these latter types make it difficult to be certain if one is truly suffering from symptoms of STD.

The good thing, however, is that once these symptoms show up, one can easily test for a variety of STDs right in the comfort of their home using rapid STD home test kits.

Some of the common STD symptoms noticed by men are explained below.

  • Spots on penis: The discovery of spots on or near the penis is a thing of concern. While it is of negative implication in some, it could also mean nothing at times. By the nature of their skin types, some persons may have such spots especially if some other skin part of theirs is bumpy. Spots which may be reddish in colour might just be pimples; in these circumstances, there is nothing to worry about as it is not even contagious. It could also occur as a result of being allergic to certain soaps or even sebaceous cysts of hair follicles. All these should cause less worry when they occur. However, the spots on penis one needs to worry about are those caused by genital warts. Generally, they do not itch or cause pain unlike the others and basically, they belong to the same family class of chicken pox. Red spots on the genitals which are genital warts confirm the presence of Human Papilloma Virus (also referred to as HPV). This is contagious and bring about the need for full protection when having sex with a person who is infected with the virus – or an unknown or untrusted partner for that matter. Better still, one should refrain from sexual intercourse until the infected partner has been treated.
  • Penile discharge: Another common symptom of STD in men is discharge from the penis. It could be caused by numerous reasons and unlike other symptoms, its occurrence is mainly the presence of an infection that has spread. For this reason, one is advised to act fast when such discharge form the penis is discovered. After the occurrence of this discharge, the infected person feels some level of discomfort accompanied by a painful itchy genital rash, frequent urination sensations, burning in the penis tip while urinating, swelling of the lymph nodes around the genital, etc. Added to this, penile discharge is caused by sexually transmitted infections and various types of bacteria. Some of the STD which can cause penile discharge also include gonorrhea, genital herpes, chlamydia, and so on. It is important to note also that penile discharge is contagious. Once discovered, an infected person should cut off any sexual ties and be treated so as not to infect the partner. Penile discharge is a serious symptom and should be treated with utmost attention as it is not without cure.
  • Testicle swelling: Swelling of the testicle may be caused by a whole lot of factors. One of the possible ways of developing a swollen testicle is through stress. Activities like sports could result in the testicles swelling, and when this occurs, one should take precaution. If it happens to be as a result of, or symptom of STD, one should seek medical attention in order to stabilize the size of the testicle.
  • Penis rash: Rash on the penis is a common symptom that should be paid close attention to. Various conditions can cause rashes in the male penile area. Among them is irritation of some sort perhaps from tight underwear, abrasion during shaving of pubic hair, etc. Just like some of the other symptoms of STD, penis rash can also be a non-symptom if it is caused by reactions to some kind of bacteria or allergies.
  • Testicle lump: This is a common symptom of STD in men as one can easily notice that a lump has developed on the testicle. It causes an unusual feeling which occurs around the testicle after the development of the lump. It could occur in one of the testicles or both and is generally categorized as the outward symptom of STDs in men.
A Look At Some Common STDs

Whatever type of symptom(s) of STDs discovered in men, it is always advisable to quickly seek medical attention as its early management and treatment would save a whole lot for the sufferer.