A pregnant female that has Chlamydia has a 60% likelihood of transmitting on the medical problem for her baby. This predicament is termed neonatal Chlamydial infection and can result in additional complications such as neonatal conjunctivitis and neonatal pneumonia. Because of this, you have got to take Chlamydia tests earnestly.

Upon giving birth to the baby, the probabilities of transmitting the Chlamydia infection to the baby is rather high. That is the explanation medical professionals recommend expectant mothers who are stricken with Chlamydia to get treatment before they give birth. The treatment plan and the prescribed medication utilized are known to not lead to any kind of difficulties for the child even if it is still inside the womb.

Treatment solution

Antibiotics are used to deal with Chlamydia. For expectant moms, the antibiotic called erythromycin is normally prescribed by doctors. They are advised to take 500 mg of erythromycin four times each day for seven consecutive days. The reason why this is done? This is to fight the harmful bacteria that bring about Chlamydia. Erythromycin likewise has been known to not cause any type of side effects that can lead to fetal abnormalities and such. In case a pregnant woman is not able to take erythromycin for unknown reasons, the medical doctor will look for other available choices like amoxicillin to complete the task. An alternative antibiotic typically prescribed to expectant mothers with Chlamydia is the azithromycin that needs to be ingested in small doses and is less complicated.

Amoxicillin is normally prescribed to Chlamydia-positive expecting mothers. Even so, in case the patient is allergic to penicillin, the doctor will find an alternative option for it so that the patient can still be cared for.

Every time you take antibiotics, there could possibly be negative effects that the expectant mother will experience. Among the most typical are feeling nauseated, vomiting, and diarrhea. As declared by certain medical specialists, erythromycin creates the most number of unwanted side effects among the antibiotics, while azithromycin causes the least amount.

Testing for Chlamydia

Aside from going through Chlamydia treatment, it is also recommended by doctors that the partner of the patient ought to undergo an STD test or Chlamydia test to make sure that they can also be treated for Chlamydia. In doing so, resurfacing of the infection will be avoided. They are prohibited from having sex until they have already completed the entire treatment process and are verified free from the infection by the doctors.

Being pregnant is a critical time period and it is sensible to maintain a healthy and well-balanced way of life to ensure that the baby will be delivered with absolutely no complications. An expectant mother needs to be extremely smart and careful in every little thing she does making certain that any one of these bacterial infections as well as other medical diseases will be avoided.

Chlamydia Q & A