Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STD’s are those sorts of infections that can be passed through sexual contact. There are many different types of STD’s and among them mostly don’t show off some warning sign because of this the chances of being infected or infecting the other people increases. According to the specialist who has made research on the causes of STD come to know that there are moreover 30 bacteria, viruses, and parasites which are reasons of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea (bacteria), syphilis and trichomoniasis (virus).

Types of STD

Different ways to prevent getting STD:

There are varieties of ways by which we can prevent our selves from getting STD particularly when you have an active sex life. One of the most efficient ways to save yourself from STD is by not having sex which is not possible if you have an active and normal life with your partner. The other ways by which you can care for yourself from getting in touch with STDs are:

  • Have different type of vaccination opposing certain bacteria and virus-like anti-HPV vaccine
  • By the use of condoms practice safe sex
  • For men, commencement reduces the danger of having infections
  • Make sure that your sexual partner is clean

Common types of STDs:

There are various types of STD’s and amongst them, the most general is as follows:

  1. Chlamydia– In this condition, a person who is suffering from this has abnormal vaginal discharge and have a painful and flaming sense when curating. This is very common amongst women and usually its symptoms don’t emerge meanwhile it’s too delayed.  It is very harmful when it is not treated on time. Chlamydia can direct towards PID or pelvic inflammatory disease.
  2. Herpes– There is two general type of herpes infection. The first one is known as herpes simplex virus 1 and is distinguished by cold sores, on the other hand, the second one is known as herpes simplex virus 2  which is characterized by pain in the anal or genital area, fever, and itching on the supposed secretive parts. The HSV-1 is attained through verbal sex whereas the HSV-2 is attained during real sex. The treatment of herpes is not known to anyone yet even though there are antiviral medicines that can be helpful for treating its symptoms as well as reduces the danger of passing on it to further people.
  3. Gonorrhea – This is a bacterial infection which spreads because of the direct contact with a person who is infected by this disease. These are the bacteria’s that live in the moist mucous membranes of the rectum, vagina, penis, and mouth. This condition can easily be treated by the use of certain antibiotics.
  4. Syphilis – It is an infectious disease which is caused by bacteria mostly spread by sexual activity. A bacterial infection that it cannot be treated on time can lead towards death. The infection caused by these bacteria can direct to ulceration of the uric-genital area, rectum or mouth making it fatal.
  5. Trichomoniasis – It general treatment which is useful for this STD is an antibiotic namely metronidazole. is an infection which is caused by a parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis. Even though it is effective for both the genders but it is more general amongst women. It affects the vagina, urinary tract, and digestive system.
  6. HIV –This is the awful type of STD because this virus directly harms the immune system of the infected person which is very helpful for fighting against the disease and just once the immune system is injured, the body loses the capability to fight against the infection that is leading towards death.  The treatment for HIV has not yet discovered but there are few drugs that are helpful for destroying this virus. So that the expectancy of the people can be extended with HIV
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