HIV is a common sexually-transmitted disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It might not be detected right after it gets into a person's body, so medical experts advise to wait for several weeks so that enough HIV antibodies will be present.

Testing early on

It is important to detect HIV at the earliest chance before it does so much harm and damage so that the right treatment plan can be administered and will be able to manage the spread of the virus.

Rapid HIV testing is done to determine if someone is HIV positive in the most efficient way possible. It allows self-testing. Anyone can take the device wherever he or she wants and perform the test there. It is designed to provide more privacy to those that want a confidential and secure way of HIV testing.

After the rapid test?

After a rapid HIV test, your doctor may perform a couple more test to know what stage of HIV infection you are in. Here are examples of those tests:

- Viral load: this test will measure how much virus is present in your blood. The more viral load you have, the higher risk you are at.

- CD4 count: If you have a CD4 count of about 500 to 1,000, this means that you have a great chance of fighting off the virus. Otherwise, you become at risk of suffering from complications. If you have something below 200, this means you are on your way to getting AIDS.

- Drug resistance: This method is a blood test that will find out what type of HIV strain has infected you based on how your body reacts to particular anti-HIV medications.

Ways To Test For HIV

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