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Different Risk Levels Of STD Transmission

The prevalence of sexually-transmitted diseases has become a major problem in some parts of the world. Nowadays, there are several millions of people that are suffering from these infections. For these reasons, it is necessary to have the accurate information regarding these diseases.

Many STDs are contracted via sexual contact. However, not all people know that. Some believe that they can get STDs just by casual contact, which is totally untrue.

Here are activities that pose no risk of STDs:

  • hugging
  • holding hands
  • dry kissing
  • petting
  • self masturbation

These activities pose a very little risk of STDs:

  • french kissing
  • oral sex with the use of condoms
  • vaginal/anal intercourse with the use of condoms
  • mutual masturbation with the use of condoms

The following are examples of activities that can endanger you a lot for STDs:

  • Anal/vaginal/oral sex without using condoms
  • Having sex with multiple partners without using condoms
  • Sharing used needles, syringes, and injections for drugs

You always have the choice to be safe to avoid these STDs. So, stay away from these high-risk activities to steer clear of these infections.

Also, do not forget to get an STD test. Use STD Rapid Test Kits' authorized and certified rapid STD test kits to test for STDs fast, conveniently, safely, and accurately.

Difference Between Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Infections