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Different Options To Test For Chlamydia

According to statistics, 66% of people with Chlamydia are not aware that they have the disease. What is the reason for this? Well, it is because Chlamydia does not always show visible symptoms.

For a long time now, medical experts have spent a lot of time and money finding ways to effectively and accurately diagnose and test Chlamydia.

Here are the most popular testing options for Chlamydia:

The Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests or NAAT is the most widely-used and foolproof testing method that medical professionals use today. It looks at the DNA of the patient very closely to detect more accurately what is going in the patient’s body. It uses very high-tech tools and equipment that can observe microorganisms not visible to the naked eye.

Another Chlamydia testing method that many health workers use is called DNA probe. It looks for traces of the Chlamydia DNA in the body but it is not as sensitive as the NAAT.

The direct fluorescent antibody stain is another type of Chlamydia test. It works by hunting for the Chlamydia antigens, substances that trigger the release of antibodies that will fight them off.

Of course, there are also rapid Chlamydia home test kits available in various drug stores and health facilities today. They are used to determine if you are infected with Chlamydia, wherever you want to conduct the test, in your own private time. It is very portable and reliable.

Where Can I Buy A Chlamydia Test Kit?